Additional League-wide Dive Meet Opportunities


This has really been a fantastic summer so far, but there is still so much more fun left to go. As of now, we have 62 divers on the team, when we typically have about 48. The energy around this team is wonderful!

We still have three A meets and one B meet remaining on the schedule, but that’s not all!

We wanted to take a minute and provide more information on some upcoming league-wide meets so you can begin thinking about your interest and how they fit into your schedule. There is one of these meets for each of four consecutive Sundays beginning on July 11.

Wally Martin Memorial 3 Meter meet July 11

The league was not certain where it was going to be able to hold this annual meet this year and given that the kids have been away from diving for the past two years, we did not originally include this meet on the calendar. However, so many kids enjoyed themselves on the 3 Meter board at Tuckahoe, that we decided to open this meet up to any interested divers. I heard some kids are talking about the Wally Martin meet already, so you may have heard your child talk about this, so we wanted to explain what this was.

As the name implies, this is a meet that is conducted on 3 meter boards. This is a purely individual event and no team scores are tracked. The dive requirements are similar to regular A meets, except that the Junior (11-12) age group is permitted to do fall-ins and jumps (which are typically only permitted for 10 and unders).

If your diver is interested in this event, please let Thomas know ASAP. Once we have a good count of how many are interested, we can pick a practice slot at the venue that best fits the divers and coach’s (Ellie’s) schedule. There is an online registration process for this meet. Please see the attached flyer for more information on this meet and the registration system. Registration deadline is July 9.

Cracker Jack Meet – July 18

At one time this was the largest single day dive meet in the country. I’m not sure if that’s still true, but it is a BIG meet. This is a fabulous meet for all divers of any age to give them a chance to compete in a large individual meet against divers representing all 48 teams in the league. The eligibility rules and dive requirements have been modified from regular meets to maximize participation, fairness and fun. Also, divers compete in age groups that better align with their chronological age, so 8 year olds, 9 year olds, etc compete against each other, as opposed to a large 10 and under group. We typically send 8-10 divers to Cracker Jack and given our numbers this year, I would expect to double that figure.

We encourage all available divers to participate in this meet, unless they are a candidate for divisionals. (see below). We must know by Monday, July 12 if your diver is interested in attending this meet.

Divisionals – July 25

This is another individual meet where the age group champion for our division is crowned and is used as a qualifier for the All Star meet. (The division, by the way, are the 5 other teams on our schedule, Highlands, Tuckahoe, Wakefield Chapel, Chesterbrook and Hayfield Farm). The top two finishers in each age group move on to the All Star meet.

We are only permitted to send 16 divers to divisionals, so the coaches and team reps work together to come up with a list of the 16 divers who are the best fit for the Divisional meet. An individual diver is unable to attend both Cracker Jack and Divisionals. For that reason, it is critical that you indicate your availability for the Divisionals meet at https://dhwarriorsdive.swimtopia.com/swim_meets so that we don’t put someone on the divisionals list that cannot be there, which takes up a slot for someone else.

All Star Meet – August 1

Each of the divisional winners and runners-up compete for the chance to be crowned the All Star champ for their age group. More information to come on that meet for those that qualify out of divisionals.

Thank you and know that we remain happy to answer any questions you have about these meets.

-Thomas and Angela

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