DH Dive Week 3 Email

Hello parents, this is a lite communications week as it’s just a bit more of the same for another week. We just have a couple of quick note/reminders.

Quick Notes

First, everyone is doing great! We weren’t sure what to expect after being away from a normal season for a year, but everyone’s doing well. We love the enthusiasm and energy and everyone is working hard and seems to be having fun.

Thank you for spreading out and attending the latest practice you can. The practices were better balanced this past week.

Please don’t forget to send your kids down to the “grill side” gate for entry. We are still checking attendance so that, if there should be a COVID problem, we’ll have good records of who was there with whom.

Meet Availability

We’re still a couple weeks away from our first meet, but please take a moment to indicate your availability for the meets on the website calendar. It really helps us plan line ups and match-ups against the other team when we know who can be there. We know schedules can change and it remains flexible, but if you know today that you will be out of town, please let us know. Don’t worry if you don’t know if your child will qualify for A meets. Just mark every meet you can be here for.

To do this, please login to https://dhwarriorsdive.swimtopia.com/swim_meets and on the right side, there is a green “Meet Entry” link. There, you can indicate if your child(ren) are available or not.

(We will use the same system for volunteers, but we are still awaiting clarity on which volunteer roles we will have this season. The meet worker roles are certainly needed, so if you know you’d like to work the table or judge, please indicate that.)

Olympic Trials

As you know this is an Olympic year, and the Olympic Trials are this week. If you’d like some diving inspiration, I’d encourage you to watch some of it with your divers. The events are airing on https://www.nbcolympics.com/, the Olympics Channel and NBC. The full broadcast schedule can be found here https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Diving/News/2021/June/03/2021-US-Olympic-Team-Trials-Begins-Sunday:

Of course, the 1 Meter board is not part of the Olympics, but the skills they use on the 3M board are identical to the ones your kids are attempting.

There are five Northern Virginia divers competing that started their careers in the NVSL where DH competes.

Interested in becoming the team rep some day?

If you are interested in learning more about this job and potentially taking over after our kids age out, please let us know. Now is the time of year to begin shadowing us and helping us to learn more about what’s involved.


-Angela and Thomas

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