New Practice Guidelines

Hello DH Dive Parents,

We hope your kids enjoyed their first night of dive practice! The coaches enjoyed meeting new divers and seeing returning teammates!

In an effort to keep things flexible for families we did not assign designated practice times. This resulted in quite a large turnout at the 7:00pm practice with far less divers at the 8:00pm & 9:00pm practices.

If possible, please have your child attend one of the later practices. This will allow more space for social distancing and more time at each station with less waiting.

With both swim and dive teams meeting in front of the back gate last night there was a lot of congestion in that area. To remedy this we ask that you drop off your diver in the grill area which is located to the right of the rear of the Community House overlooking the tank pool. There, a coach will meet them and take attendance and then escort the group to the dive well. Please arrive on time to drop off your kids. If your diver is late they need to walk directly to the dive well and check in with one of the coaches that will be standing by the diving board.

At the end of each practice the group of divers will be escorted up the side stairs and wait for their parents to pick them up on the sidewalk overlooking the baby pool. Please arrive on time to pick up your kids. FYI - this area has a great view of the dive well and is a good place to watch your kids dive!

We hope these changes will do the trick and we won't end up with a heavily attended 8:00pm practice :-) Thanks for your patience while we iron out the wrinkles.

See you at the pool,

Angela & Thomas

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