Dominion Hills Diving 2021 Season!!

Hello parents of 2019 and 2020 divers,

Well, we don’t need to explain what an unusual year last year was, so we’ll try and get right to the meat of things because this is a long email.

This year, we are thrilled to be approaching something that closer resembles a regular dive season. It’s still not a full return to normalcy, but we are ready to get going again with meets and our ever-popular social events. As of now, the social events aren’t on the calendar, but are working to add outdoor versions of these events we know and love, including the season kick-off, lip sync, and awards banquet. We ask for your continued patience as we navigate what will still be a slightly affected season.


Registration is now open for the season at https://dhwarriorsdive.swimtopia.com. The rates went up this year for both Swim and Dive. The first diver is now $130 with a $20 discount for each subsequent sibling, ($130, $110, $90). Remember that each athlete will receive a free T-Shirt with their registration and additional spirit wear items are available for purchase during registration. We accept new members all season long, so while registration never really closes and we do not have a cap, we do have a hard deadline of May 19 to order spirit wear and receive your free T-Shirt.

Spiritwear and Swimsuits

If you decide not to purchase spiritwear during registration, you can always return to the website and purchase them from the team store. The May 19 deadline still applies. The store will close after that date.

You are not required to purchase the DH team suit. However, if you wish to purchase one, they are available for purchase in person at SportFair on Lee Highway. Ask for the Dominion Hills teams suit. Images and pricing can be found on the website.


Monday through Thursday Evening practices will start this year on May 24, which is a week earlier than our traditional Memorial Day Tuesday start. Practices run from 7PM – 10PM, and you will pick the best one hour slot for your schedule (7, 8 or 9). Note that the pool has given an extra hour to both swim and dive to help promote social distancing.

Monday through Friday Morning practices will start on June 21 and will run from 7:00AM – 10:00AM. The final day of practice for those not continuing to divisionals is July 16. Same as above, you pick which one hour slot you prefer. Reminder that practices on Tuesday mornings are reserved for those competing in that night’s A meet.

We are hoping to avoid signing up for practice slots as we did last year, but if practices become too crowded, it may be necessary – or we may assign certain age groups at certain times. If you have an older child that can practice as late as 10PM, please encourage them to come to the latest spot to minimize crowding in the earlier practices.

The Practice Schedule page on the website has more details, including days when we do not have practice, such as Memorial Day.


We are returning to a full A Meet schedule this year and are competing in Division 4, which includes many nearby teams. While we only have two home meets, all three away meets are in McLean (Tuckahoe, Highland Swim, Chesterbrook), so traveling will be easy this year.

Our first A meet is June 22, please check the schedule on the website for more details. As a reminder, you can sync the pool calendar with your personal calendar by clicking the subscribe link on the schedule page.

Our B meet schedule is still pending. We are working to find a meet with another Arlington pool and we will certainly have an intrasquad meet at some point. More to come on that later.

Meet protocols and attendance/spectator rules will be determined by the host pool. More to come on how home meets will be managed later, and we may not know about the away meets until the season gets started.

It helps us out greatly if you could please visit the meet schedule on Swimtopia and please mark your availability for the upcoming meets as not available or available. It helps us plan meet lineups if we know in advance who can and cannot be there.


We cannot have a successful season without wonderful parent volunteers. As the season comes into focus, we will learn more about the parent volunteers we will need. However, we always need judges, referees and table workers. Please consider attending one of the below classes to learn more about how these roles work. Note, all these classes will also be live streamed. Monitor the league’s website for more details

Meet Table Workers Clinic – June 6 - 8:30 AM – Arlington Forest

Judges Clinic – June 6 – 10:00 AM – Arlington Forest

Judges Clinic – June 15 - 6:30 PM – Truro Pool

Judges Clinic – June 23 - 6:30 PM – Truro Pool

Referee Clinic – June 9 - 6:30 PM – Truro Pool

Referee Clinic – June 13 - 2:00 PM - Chesterbrook

Judging clinic plug

You do not have to attend the judging clinic to judge, but I strongly encourage everyone to attend even if you do not intend to judge a meet. It is a great way to learn more about the sport and what your child is attempting to do. Very few new parents to diving understand the ins and outs of this niche sport, so these judge clinics provide a great foundation for what diving is and will help you talk to your child about it, which can help them remain interested in the sport.

Team Rep Shadow Plug

Kids sure do grow up fast, and it’s hard to believe our own kids have but a couple more years left on the team. If anyone is interested in becoming team reps at some point, please let us know and we can begin the process of having you shadow us to learn what’s involved.

That’s it for now. If you have any questions, please send them our way. We’ve been working on this for a few weeks now and it’s likely we forgot some important information. Happy to send as many follow-up emails as we need to make sure everyone is informed on what is going on.


Angela and Thomas

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