Week one is in the books!

Hi Dive Parents,

I'm apologizing in advance for this long email, but these early ones are important...

Well, we got through week one, and what a great week it was! Everyone seemed energetic and it was clear that we have been working hard in the off-season. It was a bit (a lot) on the cool side, however, so the water line was a must! This week served as a reminder that that side of the pool is shaded in the evening and the kids are moving from station to station and it can get chilly, so please bring multiple towels for them if you haven't started this already.

Weather Alerts

There will be times when the weather fails to cooperate and we must cancel practice or postpone a meet. Please subscribe to the dive team alerts by texting DHDIVE to 84483. This is a different list from the ones the pool and swim team use, please subscribe to this one even if you are already on one of those lists.

Staffing Reminder

In addition to our returning coaches, Alyx Bridis and Lily DiBenigno, we have added Luke Dangel and Austin Bannach to the staff. Some returning divers are used to them being their teammates. Please help us reinforce to the divers that they are our coaches this year, and to please treat them as such.

Saturday Practice

Don't forget that we have a one-time extra Saturday practice tomorrow morning from 8AM - 9AM or 9AM - 10AM. Please pick whichever slot works best for your schedule.

Diving Clinics

There are two volunteer clinics being held this Sunday morning at the Arlington Forest pool. (On Carlin Springs Road at the intersection with Harrison Street). There will be a judges clinic and a table workers clinic. It is a rare treat to have them offered so close to us. If you have thought about attending these in the past, this is a wonderful opportunity. Both are at 9:45. The judges clinic, in particular, is a very good clinic, where you will learn a lot about the sport. I recommend all new parents attend this as it's a great way to learn about the sport...because odds are you came into this with no knowledge of the sport. You will not be expected to judge if you attend this clinic - we believe the more our parents understand the sport, the more it helps everyone be successful and have fun!

Practice Reminders

Please keep the following in mind:

- Parents should not be down on the pool deck during practice. For the first week, we gave our new parents a pass, but it can get hectic and crowded down there. If you need to speak to your child during practice, please come to the gate through the baby pool and get the attention of one of the coaches from there.

- Eating and drinking is permitted, but please use only the trashcans by the stairs.

- Out of respect for the Swim Team, please remind your children to enter and exit practice through the baby pool. Please understand, even if your child has swim practice after dive, we're asking them to go through the baby pool area anyway, so we can maintain consistent messaging to the littlest ones.

- We have a large team and with one board, keeping everyone busy can be a challenge. Don't be alarmed if you notice some activities going on in the front of the building..sometimes we have to move some team building/training activities elsewhere. Don't worry, your child will still receive all the necessary reps on the board. For developmental reasons, it's better to have smaller groups on the board so that divers can re-attempt skills quicker after receiving corrections/adjustments. Waiting for 5-6 kids to complete a dive is far better than waiting for 15-20. Once morning practices begin, things improve dramatically because we are spread out over 3 practices and people start traveling.

Thank you

Thank you for making this first week so great already. If you have any concerns or questions please don't hesitate to reach out to either Thomas or Angela.

We promise future emails won't be this long :-)

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