Important Dive Team Updates

Hello all, this is a long, but important one, but as the season wraps up we need to begin planning the rapid-fire succession of events that are quickly approaching.

But FIRST, we had our first B meet of the season tonight at Arlington Forest and the 13 divers that went had a great time and everyone set a personal best! Please see the recap on the results page for more details.

Swim/Dive Slip and Slide Party. The swim team has generously invited the dive team to join them for their slip-n-slide party at the pool starting at 3:00 PM on Saturday the 14th. And, frankly, if you're thinking of our old-school backyard slip-n-slides, re-think your expectations on this one, folks. This is going to be a blast and it's not just for kids. VIDEO

It is the season for the NVSL championship meets. This is your child’s opportunity to take all they’ve learned this year and participate in big meets with divers from the remaining 46 teams in the league. We would like as many kids as possible to participate in the Cracker Jack meet and Divisionals. We have 50 divers on the team and divers cannot do both meets, so the reps and coaches will be working hard over the next few days to place each child in the right meet for them, developmentally.

Both of these meets are in the morning, beginning at 8:00 AM and finishing at about 2:00 – More detailed schedules will be provided later.

Divisionals Meet (July 29)

This meet is essentially a qualifying meet for the All Star meet. This meet is against the top divers from the other teams on our regular-season schedule. The top 2 finishers in each age/gender group move on to the All Stars meet. Each team may only send 16 divers to this meet. Divers must have competed in at least two A meets to be eligible for Divisionals.

Crackerjack Meet (July 22)

This is a meet for developing divers of all ages, using a modified rule set to help build confidence in developing divers, including do-overs and fall-ins/jumps for every age group, up to age 18. This is a very big meet and it can be exciting competing against 30 other children at one time! To keep the meet competitive for developing divers, those that have scored above a maximum established score in A meets cannot participate in the Cracker Jack meet.

Please help the coaches plan Divisionals and Crackerjack by clicking each of those links to indicate whether your child is in town and available as soon as you can.

Thank you and please let us know if you have any questions about any of this.

Angela and Thomas

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